Paula is the best at what she does. You will not find a more caring, more passionate, more attentive professional in the entire country – Mitchell, South Dakota is so lucky to have her. For all of your hearing aids, go see Paula! Best decision you’ll ever make.

Anne C.

I have had hearing problems all my 51 years leading up to me getting hearing aids. Although it is only the first day and I’ve only had them in a few hours, it is opening up a whole new world for me!!! Paula and her assistant are absolutely AMAZING!!!

Jenny M.

Paula and Marilyn are fabulous to work with! They care about each patient and you are treated like family when you enter the door. You can count on Paula to be honest with you and hold your hand through the process. I would highly recommend coming here for all of your hearing needs!

Michelle E.

Paula is a first class professional that provides the most thorough hearing aid services. She goes above and beyond to help every individual enhance their quality of life through better hearing! My hearing has been restored and I am no longer missing the important details of every day living. I am grateful everyday for her compassionate dedication to my personalized treatment! Thank you Paula!

Maureen C.

I am so very pleased with the service that I received at Paula’s Hearing Aid Services, LLC, in Mitchell, SD. She really took her time with me, explaining every little step of the thorough hearing evaluation. After I received my hearing aids, Paula called to check up on how they were working. Also, she taught me again how to clean them and adjust them to eliminate background noise, such as, in a restaurant. I can finally hear ALL my friends when we go out for lunch; not just the one next to me. I HIGHLY recommend Paula’s Hearing Aid Services, to get the best evaluation and follow-up care. Give Paula a call today, for a free hearing evaluation!

Deanna H.

Excellent!!! Friendly, efficient & knowledgeable staff. Clean modern office, plenty of parking. Free return visits for tune ups and cleanings. Available anytime in person or phone to answer questions. Paula’s carrys a couple different brands of hearing aids on site & reasonable pricing.Paula’s Hearing is, in my estimation, the best in Mitchell!

Kathy Z.

The service and education I received at Paula’s was top notch! I was fitted with a rechargeable Phonak Audeo B-R hearing aid this week. I like that I don’t ever have to replace the battery and LOVE hearing again!

Grant B.

Worked with my insurance! Professional & Kind and now I can hear my self think 🙂

Bryan B.

Paula has provided me with hearing aids for many years.  Her service is excellent and very professional.  Marilyn greets you so welcoming as you come in.  They make an excellent team to assist you with your hearing loss.

Ed F.  of Platte, SD

I was having trouble hearing for a period of time after losing my hearing due to going through chemotherapy treatment.  Finally, I mustered up the courage to invest in hearing aids.  I contacted Paula’s Hearing Aid Services for a consultation.  Paula administered the testing and determined that  I did need hearing aids.  She set up an appointment for the fitting.  Paula was so kind, helpful and patient with me because this is a big change.  It was the answer to my prayers because now I could hear again.  It took me 3 or 4 trips to Paula’s to get them just right.  The many trips were my fault because there is a lot to remember.  No matter what I needed help with, Paula was right there to help me.  Paula and Marilyn are two of the kindest people that I have had the good fortune to work with and I would highly recommend Paula’s Hearing Aid Services to anyone.

Mary Persson of Mitchell, SD

Paula makes the hearing aid process easy and comfortable.  She is passionate about your hearing health and will not stop helping you until you are happy with the process.  When you walk in the door and when you leave, you are greeted by a warm smile from Marilyn to start and end your appointment.

Steve Endres of Mitchell, SD

Paula was very thorough in checking my hearing and explaining the different options of hearing aids and what would be the best for me.  Paula and Marilyn make you feel so comfortable at all times.  They are very professional and helpful and always very friendly in person or on the phone.  They make you feel like you are their best friends.  Highly recommend Paula’s Hearing Aid Services.  Thank you, Paula and Marilyn!

Janet Thill of Mitchell, SD  

Paula and Marilyn are very conscientious in the jobs they perform.  Paula was very thorough in checking my hearing and makes sure I get to hear the best that I can.  The office is always welcoming and never do I feel like I am a bother when I stop in.  I am always treated with respect.

Shirley Tolsma—Mitchell, SD

My husband now says, “Turn up the TV!”  Experiencing many years of hearing loss, I must have compensated so much!  One of my first statements was, “Boy, the birds must be happy today…they are so loud!”  I delayed purchasing hearing aids after a negative experience with another hearing aid service.  I found Paula’s website while spending time in Mitchell and felt that her service might be more comfortable for me.  Wow!!  Not only did I feel comfortable, but I found the examination, explanation, and diagnosis easily understood and proved to be exactly what I needed.  My husband also had the opportunity to have all this explained on my next visit.  Thanks, Paula and Marilyn!  I would recommend your service over and over!

Verna of Madison, SD

Paula and Marilyn are very professional, friendly, and helpful.  Paula insists that I be satisfied…which I am!  I would definitely recommend them.

David Brooks—Letcher, SD

I liked the friendliness of the staff at Paula’s.  Both Paula and Marilyn made me feel at ease the few times I was there.  Thank you for giving me the chance to hear again!

Helen of Mitchell, SD

I have had hearing aids for a number of years and purchased from two other places…Paula’s is the best by far!!  She and Marilyn are welcoming, professional and personal all in one.  Paula took the time to thoroughly explain and educate how the hearing aids work with the computer information.  If there were any questions after the fact, they helped with that as well.  The hearing aids I purchased this year have allowed me to be more involved with my family and grandchildren as well as in other social settings.

Diane from Wagner, SD

I would highly recommend Paula’s Hearing Aid Services.  They were very professional when I needed hearing aids.  If I have trouble, all I have to do is call and they get me in ASAP.  It is wonderful to hear my grandkids talk.  Paula’s Hearing Aid Services—they always have smiley faces and are always very willing to help.  I love my hearing aids!

Mrs. Ligtenberg—Mitchell, SD

I received great service.  Paula was very considerate of my condition at the time and took her time to explain everything we had questions about.  If we had questions later, she was always available.  Since I have had new hearing aids, I am enjoying life so much more.  Don’t mind going out and visiting as my hearing is so clear.  I enjoy TV!  I highly recommend Paula’s Hearing Aid Services.

Lawrence Vavruska—Mitchell, SD

Growing up on a two cylinder JD tractor with no ear protection, I lost a large part of my hearing at a very early age.  After years of guessing what people were saying or reading lips, I finally decided it was time to see if anything could help.  I went to Paula’s and she was very helpful with testing and showed me my options.  I now have hearing aids that are bringing me sounds I haven’t heard in years, but without a doubt the best part is to be watching TV with my wife and she asks me to turn the volume UP so she can hear!  Thanks, Paula!  I should have come to you years ago.

Rod Peterson—Pukwana, SD

I would recommend Paula #1 for hearing aids.  I have had mine for almost 6 weeks and I love them!  I put them on every morning and I hear everything (including my husband).  No more crickets buzzing in my ears.  Paula didn’t push me into buying.  I knew I needed them.  She has all the patience to help you.  It was my decision to purchase what I needed.  Please give Paula a chance to help you too.  It is unbelievable what I have been missing!  Thanks, Paula and Marilyn!

Sally of Mitchell, SD

I would recommend Paula’s Hearing Aid Services to anyone who has bad hearing as I did.  It really helped a lot and she is well educated in her work to help anyone.  I had tried other places, but she was the best by far!

Jerry of Mitchell, SD  

Paula and Marilyn are a great team. This was my second experience in getting hearing aids. I had lost my first pair in the move to Mitchell but that was okay…they were in the drawer most of the time for several reasons. I took a friend’s advice and went to see Paula’s. Their service has been awesome! It was a challenge getting the right fit. Thank you, Paula, for not giving up on me. You don’t realize all you miss by not hearing. I am very happy!

– Mary L. Bruna Mitchell, SD

Excellent service and quality care, that is what you receive at Paula’s Hearing Aid Services. My experience has gone beyond my expectations. In my 46 years as a bank CEO, I have never seen such genuine concern and care for a client as I received from Paula and Marilyn.

– Dave Callies of Howard, SD

With the digital hearing aids advancing so fast, you have to shop around. Paula keeps up on all the latest technology. She will take the time to explain how the hearing aids work. She is very helpful in getting started with your new hearing aids.

Roger—Hamill, SD

I highly recommend Paula’s Hearing Aid Services! Paula provides excellent service in her evaluations and in her follow-ups. I now hear sounds and understand conversations that I missed before. I recommend Paula’s for caring and personal service and clear hearing results.

Doris—Fort Thompson, SD

I had a very good experience with Paula’s Hearing Aid Services. She explained the method she uses in her testing. Her equipment was impressive—the latest. I was very surprised that she had a sound proof room to use for testing. (Once I had my hearing tested in a motel room with a window air conditioner going). After the test, she once again went over how she tested me and then over the sounds I missed. I was not able to make up my mind if I wanted them and wanted to discuss this with my husband. We decided to get them. When I picked them up, Paula showed me how to care for them. I can call anytime I need an adjustment or have questions. My hearing aids have helped me with conversation in crowds and talking with my husband. He has Parkinson’s and has a very soft voice. I now tell him to turn the TV down instead of me telling him to turn it up. I could not hear the buzzer on my washer and dryer and can now hear this. This saves me many trips down the stairs! I would recommend Paula’s to anyone who might need or needs a hearing aid.

Mary—Mitchell, SD

When I bought hearing aids from Paula, I had been having trouble hearing. Paula tested my hearing and explained every detail on how my new hearing aids work and how to put them in my ears. Also, she discussed how to keep my hearing from getting worse. She gave me a follow-up call to see if I had any problems. I made a follow-up appointment, and she helped me with putting in my aids and raised the level of hearing. Paula is right on top of following up on how you are doing.

Wilma—Ethan, SD

I feel that Paula fits you with the hearing aids that are best for you—not what’s best for her sales. They always try to fulfill my needs when I’m going through Mitchell so I don’t have to make a special trip…that helps! I would definitely recommend them to anyone who is in need of hearing aids.

Jean—Huron, SD

Paula’s Hearing Aid Services is all about the last word in their name—service. Paula and her office manager, Marilyn, do all they can to make sure you get the best hearing aid possible for your needs, and Paula takes all the time necessary to fit your aid to be its most effective for you. Paula’s prices are competitive, and she constantly strives to have the latest diagnostic and fitting instrumentation available. I would highly recommend Paula’s to anyone in need of hearing testing, new hearing aids or maintenance service.

Rick—Mitchell, SD

I would highly recommend Paula’s Hearing Aid Services to anyone who is thinking about getting hearing aids. Paula and her business manager, Marilyn, are two of the most pleasant people to do business with. There is no denying that they truly care about their clients and want them to have a positive experience. I was very comfortable working with both of them. To be honest, I probably wouldn’t have hearing aids now if it weren’t for them. First of all, they treat you like family. They take their time to explain every step in the process so that you understand what is happening. Prior to meeting Paula, I was pretty much in the dark about hearing aids. Paula’s knowledge and expertise is extensive. She worked with me over a series of visits to ensure that I was comfortable with the way the hearing aids operate and felt confident about how to care for them properly. When Paula gets done with you, you have a perfect fit. You have to realize that having a hearing loss doesn’t just affect you, but it also affects the way that you interact with your family. If you have trouble hearing, you have trouble communicating with the ones that you love. After being fit with hearing aids, my quality of life has certainly improved. It’s sure fun to hear!

Jim—Woonsocket, SD

I appreciate the very personal services. I have recommended Paula to others. Hearing aids keep a person from being “shut out” of conversations and so much more.

LouOra—Mitchell, SD

I was very pleased with my experience at Paula’s Hearing Aid Services. They treated me like family and explained everything very well about my hearing devices and services they provide. Since receiving my hearing aids, I have heard sounds and voices that I haven’t heard in 20 years. I would highly recommend Paula’s Hearing Aid Services to anyone needing help with a hearing problem.

Sam—Parkston, SD

I have worn hearing aids for 30+ years.  The pair I have now are ReSound and I can understand words much more clearly.  They adjust down when you are in loud noises.  There is also a setting to adjust for music so listening to the radio and CDs in the car is wonderful!  Also, using this adjustment at a concert is great.  Paula will make adjustments until you are completely satisfied.  Thank you, Paula & Marilyn—you’re the best!

Marge H.—Kimball, SD

Thank you Paula and Marilyn for the help you have given my guys. Fred now wears his aids all day. The help you gave our son Roger is a miracle. He now enjoys so much more like hearing his children talk to him. What you and the Starkey Company did was to give him a better way of life. His first hearing aid at age 11 was a Starkey. You have gone so far to help. So much thanks!

Fred & Peggy M. – Mitchell, SD

I have been so very pleased with the results of my new hearing aids from Paula’s.  The care and service I’ve received from Paula and Marilyn since the sale has confirmed that I made the right choice by going to Paula’s.  They have helped me to hear things I never knew I was missing.  I am hearing things I haven’t heard in years.  The TV is turned down and the telephone is much clearer.  Conversation is so much easier and less stressful for both me and to whom I am speaking to.  I highly recommend Paula’s Hearing Aid Services.

Louise M.—Mitchell, SD

Paula really takes her time with your hearing evaluation.  She listens to your concerns and questions and then suggests the hearing aid that fits your individual hearing loss.  She is proficient in the latest hearing aid technology and is nationally board certified.  After you receive your aids, Paula doesn’t just forget about you.  She follows up with a personal touch to make any adjustments and ensure that you are completely satisfied with your ‘new’ hearing.  Paula loves her job because she is helping so many people improve their quality of life.

Deanna H. —Mitchell, SD

I began wearing hearing aids in January, 2013.  If you are looking for someone to give you great service and satisfaction, I recommend Paula’s.  They are very helpful.  Paula explains every step of the exam as you go along, and also how the hearing aids work.  She is very thorough.  My first experience was at church, and I noticed how great the piano sounded and also the singing.  I can now watch TV without everyone asking me to turn it down.  I would very much like to recommend Marilyn also as she is so helpful with the business end and knowledgeable about the care of the aids.  She even made a house call to help me with mine.

June Z.—Mitchell, SD

I first had hearing aids 20 years ago.  I went to Paula’s to update and received a warm, personal greeting, a very knowledgeable and concerned specialist, and above all, she gave the time and attention plus drop-in help I needed.  This care is unique at Paula’s.  The aids chosen are perfect for me.  I rate Paula’s #1!

Rose S. —Mitchell, SD

In today’s society, it’s many times difficult to find a truly qualified service provider.  That’s why I chose Paula’s Hearing Aid Services to test my hearing and provide quality hearing aids.  I have certainly been pleased with the excellent service I’ve received and the hearing aids that were made for me are comfortable and provide me with great hearing ability.  If you don’t want the best, go somewhere else!

Don—Mitchell, SD

I would certainly recommend Paula’s Hearing Aid Services!  They will fit you with what will work best for you.  They will explain it to you so you can understand.  They are very knowledgeable about hearing problems.  I’m a musician and an electronics tech and my hearing is important to me.  They really care about your hearing and will spend as much time with you as it takes to get them adjusted.  I couldn’t be happier with mine.

Veryl H.—Mitchell, SD  

I have been wearing hearing aids for a number of years.  I found Paula’s Hearing Aid Services in Mitchell.  I went to see if she could help me.  She was friendly, explained everything, and was very pleasant.  I am well pleased with my new hearing aids.  It is worth the drive.

L. B.—Huron, SD

I purchased my hearing aids from Paula’s Hearing Aid Services on December 14, 2012.  I had a pair that set behind the ear which I didn’t like very well.  Paula was very informative as to my hearing loss and what to expect from my new hearing aids.  Paula has provided excellent service for what few times I have needed it.  Paula and Marilyn are always very friendly.  I would and have recommended their service to others.  I am very well satisfied with my new hearing aids.

Jim—Fulton, SD

I have been wearing hearing aids for several years.  I have tried to find one that fit my ears and stayed in.  Paula knew of my situation and asked if I’d like to try a newer one at no obligation.  At first try, she knew it wasn’t right for me.  She had another one to try and it was great!  It stays in place and I hear much better!  Thank you, Paula and Marilyn, for your dedication to all of us.

Marcelle—Mitchell, SD