SurfLink Products

SurfLink® Accessories


We have a broad range of wireless options that are designed to improve hearing in virtually every setting, and, when combined with our user-friendly SurfLink® accessories, let you enjoy life the way you want — no wires attached. We can help determine which one is right for you.

SurfLink Media Streamer

Our set-and-forget wireless transmitter requires no pairing. Plug it into your TV or stereo and you’re done! It automatically streams sound directly into your hearing aids when you’re in range. You can transition from one device to another simply by moving from room to room. And, it allows others in the room to listen to the TV or stereo at the volume they prefer.

SurfLink Mobile

Talking on the phone has never been easier than with SurfLink Mobile. Once synced with your cell phone, SurfLink Mobile can activate incoming calls, control volume, and more. In fact, your phone never needs to leave your pocket, as your hearing aids act as both microphone (picking up your voice and sending it to the person you’re talking to) and receiver (their voice streams directly to your hearing aids).

SurfLink Remote

A remote is available with 3 Series hearing aids, and can be used to adjust volume, activate iQ Boost and more. Your hearing care professional can help you decide if a remote is right for you and your lifestyle.